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Feb 2, 2008 . renoscenic in reply to legoistaterinje (Show the comment) 1 year ago . YOUR MY CUPPY CAKE GUM DROP SMUKKUM SNUUKUM SNORE YOUR . I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) By Four Tops Lyricsby .

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You're my honey bunch, sugar plump, pumpy yumpy pumpkin You are my sweetie pie! You're my cuppy cake, come drop snipikim snipkim … You're the . You are my sweetie pie! You're my . Heeeeeeeeeeey Cute pie =) , nice shot. B a !

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You're my hunny bunch, Sugar plum, Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You're my sweetie pie, You're my cuppy cake, Gum drops, Snoogums boogums you're, ... Show .

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You're My Honeybunch, Sugarplum... - YouTube
Oct 1, 2007 . christybthepoet in reply to 1MyGreece (Show the comment) 3 years ago 11 . your my honey bun sugar pie pumpy umpy umkin your my sweetiepie your my cuppy cake . You're my cuppy cake,gumdrop,shyummkums pure, .