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Welcome to! Your Neopets help site! . Neopets & JN News · Neopets News . Neopets Helpful Articles · All Articles · Altador . This secret avatar listing is updated as soon as we know the solution to new avatars! Every avatar is .

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Want to know how to get all the cool secret avatars Neopets provides? Check them out here! (The special ones are separate from the normal ones.) Assume that .

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Avatars are the little pictures that appear next to peoples chat, .

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A Neopets avatar checklist/database providing Neopets solutions on 300+ Neopets avatars. Find Neopets avatars here too! :: Neopets - Secret Avatars 101-200
When you use the Neopets Neoboard, then you can add a Avatar (moving image ) to your posted message. Neopets has made loads of Avatars. Many are free to .

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These are the ways to unlock the avatars to use on the .

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Neopets Avatars. Below is a comprehensive list of avatars including: Item Avatars ; Battledome Avatars; Pet Avatars; Petpet Avatars; Game Avatars; Retired .

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While a lot of fun to collect, many players blame the arrival of "secret" avatars for the downfall of the Neopian economy. A formerly-affordable item will rise to .