Happy Living - Spiral vs. normal perm styles
Learn the difference between Spiral permanent waves and normal (regular) perms, as well as what to look for in hair maintenance products.

Spiral Perm on Long Hair - YouTube
Feb 11, 2011 . How to do a spiral Perm on long hair. . Use of flex rods with the newest technology Antoniou perm insures a natural look that can be ironed for .

Popular spiral curls and a stylish spiral perm
To help you do just that, I can offer the following: Back when Spiral Perms were last popular, the look was “big” and women wanted maximum volume for .

I'm considering getting a spiral perm but can't find any images of one ...
I had a spiral perm done many years ago and absolutely loved it, found it to be a very flattering look and still one of my favorite hairstyles to this .

hi i just got a spiral perm 2 weeks ago and need to know how to take ...
hi there .i have a few questions about my perm,i asked for a spiral perm ,but looks more like a regular perm.Spiral perms should not be this tight of curls,they .

Get a twisted spiral perm or a body wave perm to add volume
I was wondering if I should get a bigger-rod twisted spiral perm or a body wave, but I'm worried because I hear that when a body wave grows out it looks terrible .